Wilder Woods

Central Somerset Outdoor Learning Partnership


We are a small educational charity which aims to enable people to benefit, learn and develop through woodland experiences.

We provide a variety of inclusive opportunities at Hallr Wood in Charlton Mackrell and Drayton Woods, near Langport. We also have a thriving growing project in Baltonsborough, Wild Roots.

Our leaders also use other venues, including school grounds.

We offer:

    • Forest School programmes, Nurture groups, Inclusive provision, Therapeutic Interventions and long term placements for those struggling in school , including Social Service referrals
    • Growing for Well Being, horticulture, Autism friendly group at Wild Roots Field Project
    • Curriculum enrichment sessions, living history, literacy support, environmental education and Education for Sustainable Development
      • Support for vulnerable young adults, including mentoring and skills for independence and employment.
    • Woodland Playschemes, after school clubs, home ed groups, Wilder Play family learning sessions, Scouts and Youth groups
    • Over night camps for small groups, private events, birthdays etc
    • Training and workshops for practitioners and school, including mentoring and support for prospective Forest school leaders
    • Rural crafts (green woodworking, basket making, weaving, pottery)
    • Community Provision, Open Days, Performances,
  • Volunteering, forestry and conservation skills 

See our facebook pages for Hallr Wood and Drayton Woods, and Wild Roots  https://www.facebook.com/wilderwoods.org/