Wilder Woods

Central Somerset Outdoor Learning Partnership


kiln at night

Unfortunately we don’t have any formal office support so all admin is completed when we get in from the woods. Please be aware that phones won’t always be answered and a reply to an email may take a couple of days.

However email is still probably the best way to contact us initially … For anything urgent, do try our mobile numbers and send a text if you can’t get through…. We will get back to you.


Hallr Wood 

including prospective Hallr Wood volunteers contact Deb 07597806828  email


Drayton Woods 

including, wool and willow weaving, natural dyes contact Hannah  01458 252463. mobile 07970 883 264 or email hannah@wilderwoods.org

For information about rural skills, bow making, cob oven building, spoon carving etc contact Martyn Huxter on 01458 446799 or email  martynhuxter@talktalk.net

Volunteer Contact Jane Wilson on 01458 446799 or email jane.prioryfarm@talktalk.net