Wilder Woods

Central Somerset Outdoor Learning Partnership



We offer a range of different services and activities as well as private and one off events which we can devise to suit your specific needs.

In addition there is more information about Green Woodwork on Hallr Wood pages and about Basketry and Weaving and Dyeing on Drayton Woods pages.

Otherwise please select one from the list below.


Private events – include birthday parties, team building, father’s day parties, women’s groups, days out for groups, holiday schemes..  We are flexible and can devise events to suit  varying needs and budgets.


In addition to our regular activities, over the years we have run many different projects including a Living History (Viking) project (2006), Youth Provision (2009/10) Inclusive Volunteering and Woodland Skills (2011/2012) Ernest Cook Literacy Project (2012-2013)  a collaboration with Charlton’s Historical Society (2013) where we built a reconstruction of a Romano- British kiln at Hallr Wood, and Skills for Sustainability through the Co-operative Fund (2013/2014). Our project for 2016 is ‘Woods for Well Being’ supported through Awards for All.

kiln with roof