Wilder Woods

Central Somerset Outdoor Learning Partnership

Therapeutic Interventions

P1000567We can provide bespoke small group and/ or one to one sessions for those who need extra support or simply require some time out in nature.

We have supported sessions for  a wide range of individuals and groups including Young Carers, Autism groups, Promise Mentors, Refuges, Medical Tuition Unit, Home Ed groups.

Our programmes work implicitly benefiting the individual through developing and improving wellbeing and self-esteem, exploiting the well documented positive effects of expertly guided exposure to nature and woodland. We have some vacancies for individual referrals on  Wednesdays at Hallr Wood.

We can also work with different therapists by providing a safe natural environment as a venue for therapy at Hallr Wood and Drayton Woods.

We offer wheelchair access for all ages at Drayton Woods near Langport. Bring a small group to Draytion Woods to enoy spending time in nature and/or do some crafts with Hannah.