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Volunteer Woodland Management Day

by Hannah Aitken - December 7th, 2010.
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We had a wonderful day in Drayton Woods on Sunday November 7th and lots of jobs got done.

15 adults and 9 young people helped. With 24 helpers this was the largest turn out at Drayton so far.

A new canvas shelter was put up with the expert guidance of Martyn Huxter  This has created an outdoor wood craft working area.

The new shelter stood up excellently to the storm we had on Sunday night/ Monday- it went up just in time!

Over the day lots of people planted 200 bluebells, 50 anemone and 50 narcissi bulbs.  We checked our bird boxes in the wood.  Two nests were found and the identification of egg remains revealed that coal tits had been using the boxes. The boxes were repaired and strengthened and put back with some new additions to make them more waterproof.

5 ash trees and a small leafed lime were planted, compost and wood ash was the woodland garden put on the woodland garden and bulbs planted. Brush & brambles around the fire area were cleared and logs sawed for firewood. Young volunteers put down woodchip around the campfire area in preparation for the wet weather & mud.  A vice that had been donated to the Forest School was cleaned & freed up ready to be set up in the new woodworking area.The weather was sunny all day!  As the tarpaulin went up the sun set, and it got a lot colder.  We were glad to gather around the blazing campfire to drink a toast of hot spicy cider to all our hard work and to a Winter well prepared for!

250 trees from the Woodland trust have now arrived so watch this space for further opportunities to come and plant some of them!

Photos of the day can be viewed on our website:  http://wilderwoods.org/gallery/drayton-woods/

Thanks once again to all involved